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ONE Pistol Frequently Asked Questions

What calibers can I get this in?
Currently we only offer the ONE in 300BLK.

How is this a pistol?
We start with virgin actions to build these guns. Just like a stripped AR lower, it can be built into anything. These were never a rifle at any part in their life. Then we add our patented ATF approved Tailhook to complete the pistol package.

Simple, the goal was to create a suppressor host that would fit in a backpack and be as quiet as possible. We succeeded.

How did you think of this?
It started about 4 years ago when I managed to get a couple virgin Model 7 actions. I already had bolt action rifles in 300BLK so I wanted something shorter. Development of the Tailhook was in its early stages so we here decided to make pistols out of them. Since that time the first 2 guns were reworked several times to make it what you see today.

Do you sell just the chassis?
Not at this time.

Can't I just build this myself?
Not exactly. First off, you have to start with a virgin or pistol action. You cannot convert a bolt action rifle into a pistol. There are several parts on the ONE that are unique to our design and not offered separately. Finally, building a bolt action isn't like assembling an AR from parts. It requires precision machining and gunsmithing that not everyone can do.

Can I use a bipod?
Yes, there are M-lok slots on both sides and the bottom.

How much does it weigh?
Depending on options, it will end up between 5.3 and 5.7lbs unloaded without optics.

How long is it?
With the Tailhook Mod 1 folding option, it has a folded length of 19.25". It fits nicely in a Vertx Gamut laptop sleeve.

Why can't I get a folder with a Mod 2 Tailhook?
The Tailhook Mod 2 telescopes already. By adding the folding mechanism's extra length, it would put the overall length of pull over the ATF permitted max of 13.5" when extended.

Is this legal where I live?
We do not know every local law everywhere. It is up to you, the customer, to know if this is legal in your area. By ordering from us, you accept that responsibility. We know that it is a legal pistol under Federal law. One thing to note is that it only has a 10 round magazine option. So be aware if you can't have 10 round magazines, you can't order this unless you have the magazine restricted by someone. We do not offer that service.

What kind of accuracy will I get?
300BLK can be ammo picky. We have managed to get 1/2" groups (100 yards) with 200gr subs with test guns.

Can I register this as a short barreled rifle?
Yes absolutely. You can file an ATF Form 1 to "make" a SBR and once you get your approved form back, you can install a buttstock onto it and convert it to a rifle.

Is this a limited edition?
We are not putting a limit to the total number of pistols we are going to produce, but since this is a custom gun, production volume will inherently be very low. We expect wait times on orders.

How quiet is it suppressed?
The gun's only sound is the striker falling. Any other sound you hear will depend on the suppressor and ammo you are running. It's a quiet as you can get as far as a host goes.

What kind of magazine does it take?
It uses a 223 AICS pattern magazine. It comes with a 10 round magazine.

Can I install an aftermarket trigger, scope mount, bolt knob etc on it?
Yes, the action is a standard Remington 700 pattern magazine so any aftermarket part that fits the 700SA, will fit the ONE.

Why does the production gun have a left side folding brace instead of the right side like the prototype guns?
The first prototype gun had a left side folder. For the second iteration it was moved to the right where it remained until it was shown for the first time publically at SHOT 2018. Due to consumer feedback, we changed it back to the left side.

Do you plan to offer more calibers in the future?
Yes but we do not have a timeline for those.

What is the muzzle threaded?
All of them are threaded 5/8-24 and come with a thread protector.

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